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Here you can find the archived episodes from the #SundayEdition and #MondayMix of the #iNoslenRadio #PodcastRadio Show featuring DisputeOne (@iNoslenShow on Twitter)! Hear how Noslen (@Noslen78 on Twitter) and DisputeOne (@DisputeOne on Twitter) create opportunities for the world to hear first hand, while live on-air, the experiences of the artists interviewed. Check back in weekly for additional episodes added! Follow Us on all things Social Media (Facebook Link & Twitter Link) and be a part of the ever growing “Twitter Rampage” and “iNoslen Radio Trivia” Contests.

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February 22, 2016

Monday Mix: iNoslen Radio Ep. 184 | Noslen & DisputeOne

For this Monday Mix, our hosts Noslen and DisputeOne interviewed R&B artist, Hadiya. She grew up near Atlanta, Georgia with her father, who taught her everything from recording to designing to promoting her own music. She wasn’t interested in music at first, but because of her ancestors who were in the music business, she become an artist. She even created her own music at a very young age. Her first single, “I’ve Never Knew Love” inspired a lot of people. Since then, she has grown and discipline herself to become a great artist. With her new album, “Invasion” supports her vision: to reach out to people who have a vision and to spread the message of love. In the future, she will be releasing her new album, “Invasion,” promoting “Invasion,” be in interviews, and releasing another album. In our news segment, Beyoncé is the topic of discussion from the release of “Formation” which comments about police brutally and Kendrick will induct NWA into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Tune into this Monday Mix. You don’t want to miss this.


February 21, 2016

Sunday Edition: iNoslen Radio Ep. 183 | Noslen & DisputeOne

It’s the Sunday Edition! There wasn’t a special guest for tonight’s show; however, the hosts Noslen and Dispute One did their duty to entertain the listeners at best. With that being said, Noslen talked more about last Thursday Throwdown. Remember, if you are an hip hop artist, send your musicto booking@inoselnmedia.com by Wednesday for a chance to be heard live on air. Noslen also talked about Dispute One’s latest achievements like his new album and promotions. In the news segment, Bill Mahr gets fined for smoking on live TV, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Kendrick, and Eminem are touring together, Rakim scheduled to do “Paid in Full” in concert, Ke$ha wants out of her contract, and SKE Records released Trel Mack’s “The Night before the Dawn” new album. There are a lot of great topics to discuss! Also, the show keeps growing. We even put in a new logo to expand our show, so tune into this Sunday Edition. You do not want to miss this.


February 15, 2016

Monday Mix: iNoslen Radio Ep. 182 | Noslen & DisputeOne

It was President Day on our Monday Mix and our hosts for the evening were Noslen and DisputeOne. It was a short show and the program started a tad late; however, the show did go on! With just a 30-minute show, Noslen and Dispute dived into some news, updates, and all things iNoslen Radio. Noslen talked about the Valentine’s Day Sunday Mix show, where he got to play some love songs to celebrate the love celebration. The hosts discussed what they did on Valentine’s Day and give us some Black History Month. In the news, they discussed Cypress Hill’s “Elephant on Acid” album, Cypress Hill talking about the “weed business,” Martin Shkreli’s new business dealings with Kayne West, Chris Brown’s lawsuit, Awkword’s promo for his single “Gas Land,” which won the best track for February during our One Minute of Flavor contest. You don’t want to miss this. Tune into this Monday Mix with Noslen and DisputeOne. 


February 7, 2016

Sunday Edition: iNoslen Radio Ep. 181 | Noslen & DisputeOne

So the hosts Noslen and DisputeOne did a party show. They discussed sports and typically guy talk. The host always know how to make the show live. Due to not having an special guest interview, it was a full hour of the the hosts giving us the sneak peak to some of the plans they have for the upcoming shows. Check out our Twitter (@iNoslenShow) for the exclusive details! What we can share is that the iNoslen Radio Show will be expanding to another day. We will have Sunday Edition, Monday Mix, and now Thursday Throwdown. Thursday Throwdown will promote the artists and their music. This will be similar to what the Monday Mix used to be: strictly music and some commentary. For all the artists out there,who want to become a part of our new Thursday Throwdown to promote your brand, please check out our show for updates and also email us (booking@inoslenmedia.com). Following that update is a lot of ‘words of wisdom’ between Noslen and DisputeOne. They talked about this business starting from nothing to turning it into something great. In the news segment, they talked about Pharrell’s new business endeavor, The Game’s new lawsuit update, Kanye West’s new premiere, and something that happened between Jay-Z and Ebro. You don’t want to miss it. Tune into the Sunday Mix with Noslen and Dispute One.


February 1, 2016

Monday Mix: iNoslen Radio Ep. 180 | Noslen & DisputeOne

 If you missed this Monday Mix, things weren’t the same as a usual Monday for the show. There was not a female artist interview, but there were a lot of new topics in the latest celebrity gossip. Noslen and DisputeOne kept the show entertaining! Nos and Dispute spent the Monday catching up on all of the things that have been going on in their personal lives and careers as well as recaps and updates on the current events going on in pop culture, hip hop news and celebrity drama/beefs. So here is a snippet: Rita Orta is being released from her label. Who is Rita Ora anyways? Apparently her number of albums released, don’t add up to the amount she signed for. Nos also spends some time touching on what, in his opinion, sets an artist a part, what it’s like trying to find a new artist that is unique and different, and what he feels is important to the selection process. Tune in for this special news segment. You don’t want to miss it.


January 31, 2016

Sunday Edition: iNoslen Radio Ep. 179 | Noslen & DisputeOne

It’s follow up time on the Sunday Edition. Chox Mak called into the station and it was great to catch up with the hip hop artist. Of course Noslen and DisputeOne asked the inspiring questions and made the North Carolina native feel right at home. During this time, Chox Mak talked about spending his time headlining tours, spending time performing at SXSW, and creating new music. He is working on new music with a new vibe, always trying to never limit his success by the type of rap he creates. It’s a dope interview for you to check out. In the news, Nos and DisputeOne have the hot topics. Have you heard the story about Andre 3000 taking a fan to the studio? We can fill you in on that, and also who else was there. Martin Shkreli calls out Ghostface Killah in his new bizarre video. How crazy is that? Why is he coming for him? Tune in to get the latest!


January 25, 2016

Monday Mix: iNoslen Radio Ep. 178 | Noslen & DisputeOne

Despite some technical difficulties, this Mondays Mix was still great! Noslen and Dispute brought Bozz Lay’dee on to the show to give us a little “Womanly Inspiration,” something to get the ladies motivated. She was born in Chicago and at a young age, she was inspired by artists such as Tupac, Do or Die, Twista, and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. She began performing with a girl group in different venues and after receiving nothing, but positive feedback and appreciation, she decided to give rapping and performing her all. She has spent some time going on tour with various famous artists over time, but at this point in her life, she is working toward a bigger goal: touring solo. She now is working on various projects, but at the top of her list is participating in the movement to empower women. She has a true passion for encouraging women and believes in all of the potential that women can bring to the game. As for herself, she is currently putting her efforts toward a clothing line, a heel line, and lip gloss for the ladies. For the news segment, we have a lot of topics to stir up! Are you up to date on the Iggy, Macklemore, and Talib Kweli shade triangle? What is even going on anymore? Catch up on the latest with that drama, and also some of the latest on what’s going on with DisputeOne and some of the great things he is a part of.


January 24, 2016

Sunday Edition: iNoslen Radio Ep. 177 | Noslen & DisputeOne

On this Sunday Edition, Noslen and Dispute gave respect to Los Angeles-based battler rapper and musician Robert Paulson aka “Cadalack Ron,” who unfortunately lost his life this week. Although the cause of his death is unknown, there is some speculation about a potential drug overdose. Dispute gives his condolences to the family and the people who so luckily encountered Cadalack, including himself. Our special guest for this week is RobShell, a North Carolina rapper, who brings something new to the game. He lets us in on how he got acquainted with Dj Ben Frank and the experience he had working with him on his new project, Eat The Rich, Kill The Weak. RobShell is starting 2016 by producing a podcast and talking potentially about touring. He is definitely a talented artist to look out for this year; we’re just hoping there are more skits to be released in his future. For the updates on the show, we asked our listeners on Twitter about their favorites segment of the Sunday Edition. The poll results are in! We have the results and we are letting you in. Noslen catches everyone up on all of the progress made. A unique Sunday, a “tribute to the listeners,” if you will. Tune in for another great show!


January 18, 2016 (MLK DAY)

Monday Mix: iNoslen Radio Ep. 176 | Noslen & DisputeOne

Our Monday Mix landed on Martin Luther King Day. We didn’t have the usual female artist interview; however, Noslen and DisputeOne kept the show going with some great topics. Have you fellas brushed up on your bathroom etiquette? The hosts schooled the guys on bathroom etiquette for a fun segment. They also touched on the progress that has been made thus far in America as far as unity, but there is still work to be down. Kenneth Cole dropped a dope MLK freestyle verse in honor of the day. It was an awesome show. Last but not least, in the news, Noslen and DisputeOne give us the scoop on the latest Birdman and Lil Wayne beef/reunion. Are they planning on mending their broken relationship or is someone hollerin’ “Where my money at?” To find out the details and what else is happening in hip hop news, press play below! Tune into the Monday Mix with Noslen and Dispute.


January 17, 2016

Sunday Edition: iNoslen Radio Ep. 175 | Noslen & DisputeOne

On this Sunday’s edition with Dispute and Noslen we get into some of the latest sports news, and then we jump into some chill vibes with MKZ. This DMV native is a preacher’s kid, who grew up singing in Zhe choir, and began playing the trumpet while in school. After gaining the motivation to rap through listening to Nas, he started to join forums online and share music with people across the world. MKZ talks about his motivation for “War of art” and reintroducing himself by showing everyone that he isn’t just a trumpet player, he is a rapper, singer, AND trumpet player. At 23, he is currently teaching music and performing with his band. Although he does have a new project titled “Rant”, so be on the lookout. Then stick around for the news, and also an update on what’s poppin with Dispute, and all of the new things he is involved in. 


January 11, 2016

Monday Mix: iNoslen Radio Ep. 174 | Noslen & DisputeOne

In case you missed this week’s Mondays Mix, things started off a little different, without our usual female host on the show, but Noslen brings on Sunday Edition’s co-host, DisputeOne to start the show. Today’s guest is Psalm One, Chi-Town rapper straight out of Englewood. She keeps it real, not just with her lyrics, but with her words. Psalm One is in to give us all of the latest news with her music and also some good ole’ womanly inspiration for some Monday Motivation. She touches on what keeps her motivated despite change and also the image of women in the game. As a “modern day ancestor” for women she serves as a symbol for women to stay empowered by leaving a legacy behind. While Psalm One is continuing to bring together the girl group and lay finishing touches on “Rapper Chicks,” she is also looking at different ways to showcase her old work. Stay tuned for all of the great things in store for Psalm One. In the News segment, we get more details on the Bobby Shmurda’s case and DisputeOne gets into the devastating one-point loss the Vikings took. You know things always get good when DisputeOne and Noslen are on the mix. 


January 10, 2016

Sunday Edition: iNoslen Radio Ep. 173 | Noslen & DisputeOne

You know what time it is? It’s time for the Sunday Edition. We are back for the new year and we are coming with some great interviews, new segments, and of course, the latest in hip hop news. For this Sunday, Noslen and DisputeOne are chopping it up with Awkword, a New York-based rapper, father, and humanitarian. Not only does he spit some real knowledge with his old school flow and hip hop style, but he also discusses how he got started in hip hop and all the awesome things, he is involved in. After releasing his latest album, he is trying to find his spot in hip hop music. Tune in for another great show with iNoslen Radio.

January 3, 2016

Sunday Edition: iNoslen Radio Ep. 171 | Noslen & DisputeOne

Welcome to the newest season of the iNoslen Radio show. Thank you for all of the fans and listeners who have made 2015 such a fantastic year, and have stuck through iNoslen radio on this journey. This is the very first Sunday Edition for 2016, and Noslen and Dispute One make sure to bring you one remarkable, fun-filled episode. For the first show of 2016, the artist MC Bravado joins the show to talk about his music career and his recent EP titles “Walk the Line”, which was influenced by music legend Johnny Cash. MC Bravado shares the struggles he deals with on a daily basis between the struggles of having a career as a high school English teacher by day, with the negative stigma associated with being a rap artist. Even though teaching has always been a love and a passion for MC Bravado, he hopes to one day take his music career to the next level by making it a full-time career. MC Bravado considers himself apart of the top 1% of the MC’s in the game, because of his technical level, ability, creativity, and skillset. MC Bravado chose his name to poke fun of the hip-hop industry, while leaving fans the ability to decrypt and translate the music for themselves on a personal level. Make sure to listen to the full show so you can hear all the updates for the new year (and season!) of the iNoslen show and to hear the full story of MC Bravado.   

*** January 2016 Begin ***

*** December 2015 Ends ***

December 15, 2015

Sunday Edition: iNoslen Radio Ep. 170 | Noslen & DisputeOne

It’s Sunday Edition! We are back again to bring you another exciting show. For our special guest, we have another Minnesota hip hop vet in the house. Noslen and DisputeOne chop it up with St. Paul Slim. St. Paul Slim tells the hosts about his upbringing, discovery of hip hop, the hip hop scene in the Twin Cities and more. St. Paul Slim talks about his love for music and the reason behind being an hip hop artist. You don’t wanna miss this interview! For the news, Noslen and DisputeOne catch up on the latest updates with Spike Lee’s controversy on his film “Chi-Raq,” along with expressing their thoughts on what’s buzzing in hip hop news. From new music from Black Thought, Wu Tang’s Secret Album saga and Will Smith possibly going on tour? On the Core Culture section, the hosts discuss the “8 Slow and Difficult Steps to Becoming a Millionaire”. Get the scoop and press play!


December 8, 2015

Sunday Edition: iNoslen Radio Ep. 168 | Noslen & DisputeOne

This Sunday Edition is packed with newsworthy commentary on the hot topics in hip hop news. The hosts, Noslen and DisputeOne talk about the controversy that Spike Lee’s latest film “Chi-Raq” is causing and Chicago’s native, Chance the Rapper’s disapproval of the film. Another story that has people on the edge of their seats is finding out Nicki Minaj bailed out her brother from jail after he was alleged of raping a minor. Of course social media blew up after hearing the news, wondering questions as the story progress: Should we hear more facts? Did her brother commit the crime? Where does Nicki’s image fall into play after this? Those were among the hot stories of the week. Moving on to the Core Culture, Noslen and DisputeOne paid homage to the real DJs. In this section, the guys speak on the importance of the DJ in music, the respect of a DJ’s job and how valuable DJs and artists’ rapport should be. From updates and news, SKE Records is pushing Trel Mack’s new single, “Walking With God,” Crown Lens Media Group is working on filming a new series, and more updates on OnePlusOne’s plans and more! For the Twitter Rampage of the day: when was the first Twitter Rampage on the iNoslen Radio Show? Tweet your answer to @iNoslenShow using the ‪#‎iNoslenRadioTrivia‬ hashtag. Tune into another great show with iNoslen Radio Show. Press Play! 

December 1, 2015

Sunday Edition: iNoslen Radio Ep. 166 | Noslen & DisputeOne

Dispute One and Noslen are bringing it to us once again. If you missed the Sunday edition you missed a great episode of what we call ‘the news’. Did KRS- One really take shots at LL Cool J?!?! KRS-One and another rapper participated in a recent battle at a show in Pittsburgh. The first on the mic decided to not only dress like MC Shan, but he also recited some of his lyrics. KRS went in and said he thought the emcee was really going to touch the mic and battle, but instead he hit the mic reciting Shan’s lyrics. KRS-One said he already took Shan out already. The emcees seemed to partake in a friendly battle, but KRS may have taken it too far.Will Drake do just about anything with Adele? Well that’s what he said. Drake Responds To Adele’s “Hotline Bling” Remix Request. Adele said earlier this month that she’d like to do an official remix to Drake’s “Hotline Bling.” Of course Drake is down. Per per etalk Drake said, “I’d literally go to Adele’s house right now and do laundry for her.” Drake and Adele…. We must admit that will be a deadly duo. Who gets suspended from their record label? Well Chief Keef made that happen. FilmOnTV has suspended Chief Keef for poor decision making.“Chief Keef’s contract was suspended 2 weeks ago because his management went off and did a tour without our approval. Not happy with the direction they are taking him,” David said via a statement to Vlad TV. “Same shit over and over,” he says. “Limiting his appeal to a wider audience and I’m not saying he should sell out, just be more prolific.” On behalf, of iNoslen staff we would like to THANK all artist, listeners, and donators for staying down with us the last 3 years. Continue to check out Sunday nights with Noslen and Dispute One.


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