LML Rap Battle 1st Year Archives (The Loud Mouth League)

Within a short period of time The Loud Mouth League established itself as a proving ground for many Twin Cities and surrounding states Rap Battle Emcees. To much success it continues to operate in Minnesota as well as Texas (San Antonio).

Here are the links to the “First Year Archives” of Theย Loud Mouth League (Rap Battle) Videos! These videos were shot with the assistance of White Rice Productions, along side Hosts Spy MC and DisputeOne. Enjoy!


Somebody Say, “LOUD MOUTH!”



Rap Battles:

Vesh vs George Jetson

PT vs Streetwise

Hakeem The Poet vs Tone Staxx

Romes vs Solar Five

Paperwerks vs Knalo G

Solar Five vs Hakeem The Poet

Knalo G vs Mello (TCHHA First Avenue 2012)

PT vs Hakeem The Poet (Exclusive)

Analyrical vs Paperwerks

Exchange vs Po’Etikit

Cronic Lz vs Romes

Vesh vs Illab

Dru Dizz vs Ecko

wpid-img_2406619897797 wpid-img_116156539527521


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