Media Firms Unite To Provide Additional Coverage of “Core Culture” Blog Series.

Great News!  ๐ŸŽŠ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿฅ‚๐ŸŽŠ

My Brother’s Keeper Enterprises and iNoslen Media have unified their Media Departments, for a collaborative effort expanding the reach of the newly added blog series entitled, “Core Culture.” The Core Culture (CC) blog series was produced by the Program Director of iNoslen Radio and its existence was hinted to the listeners during a late December podcast, showcasing the new additions for 2017.

So far, the CC blog series has produced Two (2) well written articles. January showcased an article presenting as well as reintroducing, the listeners to Rampage โ€” Remington Steele. February showcased a tribute piece for Clyde Stubblefield AKA “The Funky Drummer.” Both articles displaying how the “Core Culture” of Hip Hop is based in humanity and overall community outreach and support.

The contributing writers for the CC blog series will be provided by MBK Enterprises and Internship Opportunities will be provided for aspiring media  and journalist professionals, for both MBK Enterprises and iNoslen Media. For future updates check the Internship Opportunity Bulletin.

Here is the link to the first contribution provided by blog contributor “Signifyin.” Be on the look out for more material submitted by him for both companies.

Core Culture #2: Clyde Stubblefield 


About Grind Series

Who We Are... My Brother's Keeper Enterprises, LLC was created with the sole intention to provide professional assistance to those seeking to advance artistic passion. We believe your image is our business, utilizing innovation as our passion and personalizing service to remain connected to our heritage. At MBK Enterprises, LLC the goal is simple; Arrive at the finish line in the position your customers place you, in First Place for all their artistic needs. "First Place in Mind, Leading The Blind & Misguided!" -CEO Alphonso Fleming Jr.
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