New Music: OnePlusOne- Pelican

Much Respect! #OnePlusOne #GraffRootsMedia


Anyone with any basic knowledge of chemistry knows that when two atoms or two particles come together they can form something new and something amazing.  We got hydrogen floating around by itself, suddenly it sees some oxygen running around.  They meet up and bam!  We have water. Amazing.

The same thing sometimes happens in the music world.  This is the case here.  We have Orikal Uno running around causing havoc in the world.  Minding his own business he looks up and sees legendary Twin Cities emcee DisputeOne, they come together to form something amazing, OnePlusOne.

The marriage of these two dope emcees is evident on the the new single, “Pelican”, produced by Orikal Uno.  The beat is one of the best I have heard all year.  The upbeat vocal samples make it very fun.

Delivering audible treats for you to consume, a sweet tooth in the booth riding waves like…

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