Crown Lens Media Group Auditions at Bedlam Lowertown (St. Paul, Mn)


Great night tonight of auditions with a wonderful crew! Love being around so many talented people who are dedicated to change and empowerment!


Brought to you by: 



Bianca Rhodes & Aaron Price. 

#AllLove #AllPower #CrownLensMediaGroup #CandyFresh #Reminisce #HostingAuditions #ActorsUnite #BedlamLowertown


About Grind Series

Who We Are... My Brother's Keeper Enterprises, LLC was created with the sole intention to provide professional assistance to those seeking to advance artistic passion. We believe your image is our business, utilizing innovation as our passion and personalizing service to remain connected to our heritage. At MBK Enterprises, LLC the goal is simple; Arrive at the finish line in the position your customers place you, in First Place for all their artistic needs. "First Place in Mind, Leading The Blind & Misguided!" -CEO Alphonso Fleming Jr. Contact Us for more information on what we do and the services we provide:
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