Elements Of A Single Release Campaign

60 Second Music Marketing

Whilst you might still give certain elements of your music away (not for free, but in exchange for an email address for your mailing list!) you should still choose to frequently release music for sale as it create marketing and publicity opportunities.

Even if you give your music away, selling it creates a marketing opportunity. Even if you give your music away, selling it creates a marketing opportunity.

The idea is that you create an EP for each ‘focus track’ from your album.  The album of course will still be released in its entirety at a later stage containing all these focus tracks and other material.  The contents of the EP are entirely down to you however it will possibly have alternate versions of your song (acoustic, demo versions, remixes etc) as well as additional songs to give it added value and worth the purchase.

Here’s a list of ‘assets’ you will need to undertake this campaign.

Assets required:

  • Finished EP of music…

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