Turn The Volume Up On Peace: Album Submission


The Minnesota Hip Hop Coalition would like to thank you for your interest and support for the many things that we have developing for all MN Hiphoppas. Currently The MN-HHC is opening up FREE submissions from MN Hiphoppas who would like to present their artwork and craft in a different light. We are seeking YOUR talent (music, artwork, photos, custom videos, scrapbook items, and more) to contribute for this project that will help expose a wider variety of what our MN Hip Hop Culture has to offer!

With October being the National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, our goal now is to not only raise awareness about the importance of Hip Hop Culture on the development of peace, but to also show our truest desires for sustainable and peaceful change in our communities. We will start with the art and continue in to the lifestyle, culture, and movement side of Hip Hop with this project. We will also be securing radio airplay with college radio stations throughout the entire state of Minnesota for this album project.

Also if you know other MN Hiphoppas that would like to contribute their artwork please forward this information along to them as well.

Note: Producers with good beats are needed!

Submission Deadline:

Sunday, October 26th 2014

Album Guidelines

How To Submit Material:

  1. Register for FREE to www.mnhiphopcoalition.org with the Facebook Login Button located on the right-hand side of the home page
  2. Once logged in Hiphoppas may submit anything they would like to provide
  3. Hiphoppas may submit 1-3 songs/audio pieces to info@mnhiphopcoalition.org

Included Album Theme(s):

  • Turn The Volume Up On Peace
  • Non-Violent Civil Disobedience
  • Stop The Violence
  • Peace, Love, Unity, & Safely Having Fun
  • Increase The Peace Street Stories

Album Requirements:

  • All artists are required to create brand new material for this years special “Turn The Volume Up On Peace” Album Project
  • All material created for the TVUOP Album Project must be PG-13
  • All music submitted must be tied in with the theme(s) above
  • All music submitted can be any perspective you wish to provide on the theme(s) but must bring the listener to a view point of increasing the peace in our communities. Yes, it can be raw and gritty, hood or street, political or social, uplifting & positive, but above all it must be a way to create thought and dialog about increasing Peace, Love, Unity, & Safely Having Fun

Album Benefits:

(The following benefits are worth over $1,500.00 in retail promotional services)

  1. Minimum of 1 track by each artist to be added on the current album project
  2. This TVUOP album project will have a Full Awareness Campaign for 8 weeks
  3. 20 Station Radio Push for 8 weeks (College & Online)
  4. Press Pursuit for 8 weeks
  5. Viral Marketing for 8 weeks
  6. Consulting for 8 weeks
  7. Artists will be included in all promotional materials for any Concert Event/Tour developed from this albums promotional campaign.

If you have any trouble with your registration to The Minnesota Hip Hop Coalition website or general questions about this “Turn The Volume Up On Peace” Album Project please email info@mnhiphopcoalition.org for assistance.


Be sure to register to The Minnesota Hip Hop Coalition to stay up-to-date on all of our Active Member updates.


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