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Blog Contributors Wanted

In order to make this blog the best possible, we are looking for a few additional contributors. There are two current positions open, and the same individuals may feel free to apply for both.  What we really need are a few individuals who can do what is asked in the descriptions below on a steady basis. It is not difficult, and only requires writing, not posting… at least at first.

MBK Enterprises would like to place each individual accepted on a two-week probationary period, during which you will send me the items you write, and I will post them.  After two weeks, you may continue to send your posts/reviews to me so that I may post them, or you may begin posting them on your own. I can explain this to those interested. Please see below for a description of the two types of contributors I am currently looking for. Interested? You may feel free to fill out the interest form on the Internship Opportunity Bulletin Page.

We look forward to working with you!

Alphonso Fleming Jr.
My Brother’s Keeper Enterprises


Contributor #1: Book Reviewer

Number of positions: 2 to 3

Requirements: Review books of your own choosing. (All pertaining to Hip Hop Music, Hip Hop Culture & Social/Cultural Change). We do have books sent for review requests, so you may feel free to ask if we have received any of a particular genre or interest. You may do either. We will not tell you what to review. You may not review erotica on this blog, as we try to keep it fairly family friendly. There is no maximum of books you may review, but I ask that each reviewer do at least two books per month. This is not a lot, and would be something you could do in your free time. Book reviews do have a specific format that we use on the blog.

Other information: Book reviews will be posted on specific days, during free time slots. This will not be an issue for anyone accepted if they wish for us to continue posting for them, but we can discuss this later if you desire to post on your own.


Contributor #2: Content Creator

Number of positions: 1 or 2

Requirements: Write one to three posts for the blog each week on relevant topics. (See topics below.) Blog posts may be anywhere between 300 and 1,200 words. They may also be split into “parts.” Posts should be fairly free of typos and grammatical errors, but may be written in your own personal style.

Topics (All pertaining to Hip Hop Music, Hip Hop Culture & Social/Cultural Change): Writing, Reading, Editing, Marketing, Children, Health & Fitness, Food/Cooking, Artistic Development. If you would like to write on a topic not mentioned here, please feel free to mention it for consideration. If you have a passion that you are knowledgeable about, please feel free to suggest it and I will evaluate whether it is a good fit for our readers.

Other Information

All blog contributors will be listed on a new, in-development page. Every name will be listed, but each individual will have the opportunity to include a short (less than 300 words) biography on themselves, up to three personal links (social media, blog, and/or website), and a small, professional image of themselves on this page. Blog posts and reviews will not include all of this information, but will have your name, which will be linked to the blog contributor page. This should help you to gain more exposure, making it a good idea for authors, marketers, editors, bloggers, etc.


About Grind Series

Who We Are... My Brother's Keeper Enterprises, LLC was created with the sole intention to provide professional assistance to those seeking to advance artistic passion. We believe your image is our business, utilizing innovation as our passion and personalizing service to remain connected to our heritage. At MBK Enterprises, LLC the goal is simple; Arrive at the finish line in the position your customers place you, in First Place for all their artistic needs. "First Place in Mind, Leading The Blind & Misguided!" -CEO Alphonso Fleming Jr.
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